Real Estate Agent – Finding the Right One


Finding the right real estate agent can seem like an incredibly daunting task. You need to find someone to help you handle one of the biggest financial transactions you’ll ever make so there’s a lot of pressure on you to get it right.

If you’re stressed about the decision, don’t worry, you’ve come to the right place! Which Real Estate Agent has been helping people find top agents in their area since 2012. We aim to find you top agents in your area so you can meet with them and make a decision, knowing that you’re picking from great agents! Our team have a lot of experience in finding agents for all sorts of property sales, across Australia, and so we’ve written a short guide on finding The One.

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What do Real Estate Agents do?

Well, obviously, they sell houses. But a lot goes into the process of selling a house, some of which you might not be aware of. Here we’ve presented just some of the things that make up a real estate agent’s job:

  • Provide a realistic market appraisal of your property’s worth
  • Advise you on the best method of sale – private sale vs auction
  • Develop a marketing strategy for your property
  • Implement that marketing strategy
  • Consult on the best way to present your home
  • Expose your property to as many potential buyers as possible
  • Guide prospective buyers through your property
  • Collect and present all offers
  • Negotiate the best price possible with the buyer
  • Help you make sure you’re meeting all of your legal obligations
  • Help facilitate the exchange and settlement

So you can see that it’s not as simple as ‘selling houses’! You can also see why it’s important to find the right agent for you – just as each property is different, each real estate agent is different too. You want one that’s a good fit for the type of property you’re looking to sell as well as a right fit for you and your personality.

What to ask of your Real Estate Agent

Real estate agents have different strategies and different areas of focus. This means that sometimes it can be difficult for you to draw comparisons between them.

There are two key things to ask the real estate agents in your area.

  1. How much do they think they will be able to get for your home?
  2. How much do their services cost, and what, specifically, is included?

It is tempting to go for the most optimistic sales price and the lowest fee. However, there’s no free lunch and like most things in life, you get what you pay for. A lower fee can mean that an agent is less motivated to work hard to sell your property – that’s their payday after all. An overestimate on the value can mean your home is slow to sell and there are very few things worse for vendors than a house that sits on the market longer than average. Buyers will start to wonder what’s wrong with it and avoid it when they’re going to open houses.

If a real estate agent offers you an optimistic evaluation, ask for proof. What have similar properties sold for? What makes your property different from other properties that have sold recently in your area? This is why we suggest getting estimates from more than one agent – a number is something that’s much more easily comparable. If they’re all about the same, you can be more confident that it’s a sensible estimate.

Find out exactly what the commission fee covers, and if there are any services that the agent is going to charge you extra for.  Advertising and marketing often attract extra charges, so this is something you need to think about from the off. Open houses, for example, are effective but they’re also expensive. Asking about what it going to cost extra right at the beginning means that you can make decisions based on your needs and your budget early on and hopefully not be surprised by extra bills!

Real estate agents also often have a number of relationships that they can leverage to increase the exposure of your property. Check to see what extra they can offer in this regard, and if it is part of the service. If they’ve been working in the area for a little while, they’ll also have a network of buyers ready to go. These are people who missed out on properties that they’ve sold previously – this is one of the reasons why it’s important to use an agent who has experience selling properties like yours.

Also, if you are going to go down the auction road, what are their auctioneers like? The agent might be an auctioneer in their own right, they might have auctioneers who work at their agency or they might contract auctioneers from outside. If your agent isn’t going to be the auctioneer, you might want to ask them for the details of the auctioneers they recommend so you can meet with them separately and get a feel for them as well.

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Results Speak for Themselves

Of course, the best way to understand the quality of service on offer is to compare real estate agents’ past performances. How much have they sold properties like yours for in the past? Are they regularly getting at least the market average for them?

Finding the agents in your area who have great track records is exactly what does. It is a one stop-shop that makes it easy to understand exactly what a real estate agent’s track record is. We provide a free, independent report on real estate agents in your area. You will be able to see for yourself the performance data on all you local agents, as well as benchmark fee and commission rates. It also includes data on comparable properties sold and data on agent efficiency and price discounting. We understand how daunting this process can seem and we want to make it as simple as possible for you to shortlist agents so making your final decision is that bit easier.

Part of the choice of real estate agent comes down to style and preference. But at the end of the day, your property is one of your most valuable assets, and you want the best return you can get. The data our talented analysts can provide you with makes it so much easier to draw meaningful comparisons between real estate agents, and eventually secure the best price possible for your house.