Agent Fees & Commission Calculator [ACT]

When selling a property, you want to make sure you are aware of the fees and charges that might come up before you put the property on the market. There are a number of fees and charges associated with selling a property.

Some well-known examples are the home preparation and styling, professional real estate photography, and the marketing of your property. To avoid hidden charges, you also don’t want to miss out on other expenses associated with the conveyancing process.

But one of the most important fees is real estate agent commission. This is the commission paid to your agent for selling your property, and it’s good to have an idea of how much that could be.

Below is our ACT fee calculator. You can use it to get an estimate of agent commission when selling in the ACT. All it needs is a rough estimate of your property’s sale price.

Agent Fees & Commission Calculator

Agent Fees & Commission Calculator
Enter your property details below and we will give you an estimate of real estate agents’ commission and fees.
Avg. Agent Fee (%)
  • 0.00% – 1.50%
  • 1.50% – 1.75%
  • 1.75% – 2.00%
  • 2.00% – 2.25%
  • 2.25% – 2.50%
  • 2.50% – 2.75%
  • 2.75% – 3.00%
  • 3.00%+
Avg. Agent Fee (%)
  • 0% – 5%
  • 5% – 6%
  • 6% – 7%
  • 7% – 8%
  • 8% – 9%
  • 9% – 10%
  • 10% +
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Expected sale price $850K
Management Fee 0%
Weekly Rent $500
Letting Fee 2 Week(s)
Other Fees $0
These are the standard costs of selling a property in Australia.
Agent Commision % in Sydney NSW
Payable Commission in Sydney NSW
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Note that 2.17% is the average commission for a property in ACT. The commission is calculated by multiplying the property value and commission together, then dividing by 100, i.e. Property Value * Agent Commission / 100 = Estimated Commission, excluding GST.

This calculation does not include GST. When receiving quotes from agents, ensure that you know whether their fees also include or exclude GST. Commission will vary and can be negotiated according to the range of services your agent can provide, plus the location, style, condition, size and other attributes of your property.

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Real estate agent fees in the ACT generally vary between 2.0% and 4%. They are not regulated by any government body, which means that these fees can be negotiated.

It is also the fourth lowest commission rate in the country with an average of 2.17%

When you sell a house in metropolitan areas where there are more agents competing for your business, generally the commission rate is lower.

In regional areas, there are fewer agents and property values are a little lower and take longer to sell. For that reason, the rates can vary between 2.5% and 4%.

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This calculator should only be used as a general guide, as laws governing regulation can change and property markets can fluctuate, altering how commissions or fees may be charged.

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