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Benefits Of Using A Top Agent & How To Choose

Employing a top-performing real estate agent makes all the difference when selling a property. They are an invaluable source of experience and advice – the right agents will work hard for their commission and get you the best price, all the while keeping the selling process stress-free.

So how do you find the best one for you?

Get your answers below in our best real estate agent guide. Local selling experience is paramount, but you need to ask the right questions, evaluate their marketing plans, negotiation skills, and look into their qualifications and team.

Grabbing a great real estate agent is a huge first step to selling your property, but have you also thought about your property’s value, how much an agent could cost and the best ways to sell your property? Visit our other guides to learn everything there is to know about the property selling journey.

Why Use A Real Estate Agent?

Asking ‘why should I use a real estate agent to sell my house?’ is a bit like asking ‘why should I use a surgeon to do my heart surgery?’. Simply put, you should use a real estate agent because they’re the best person for the job.

You might think that as the owner of your property, you’re best suited to sell it. No one knows it like you, right? No one else can point out its special features and the best bits. Often this can actually be a burden on the home selling process – using an agent lets you take a step away from the process and has less of an emotional connection to your property.

These are just two reasons why we think using a real estate agent is best for selling your property, but we’ve got a lot more in our comprehensive guide below.

How To Find The Top Selling Real Estate Agent

Now you know why you need a great real estate agent, let’s get to how you’re going to find one. There are a lot of ways you might choose an agent, so we’ve outlined a couple here – we’ve looked at even more in our comprehensive guide.

You might want to talk to people you know who have sold property recently. They’ll be able to suggest their agent or warn you against them, depending on how their sale went. If you do ask friends and family, remember that if they’ve not sold locally to you, their agents won’t be the best choice.

You’ll probably think about looking around your suburb and seeing who has offices there. The problem with this approach is that you have no way of knowing which of these agents are going to be the best ones to sell your property.

It’s not the agency, but the individual agent you should focus on. It’s the agent who will talk to the buyers and negotiate you the best price.

Too many people get distracted by the agency branding and don’t focus enough on the agent.

Another great way to choose an agent is to compare agent data online. We’ve got a team of researchers who have collected agents’ sales histories and days on market to make sure you can get in contact with the top-selling agents in your area. It’s easy, quick and free, making the whole process a lot less stressful for you. You can start comparing agents by visiting our homepage.

Questions To Ask A Real Estate Agent

It’s great to have a shortlist of good agents, but you need to dig deeper past their sales pitch to really find out what makes them the right fit for you.

Some questions you might are include:

  • How long have you been working in the area?
  • What are your average days on market compared to the general average?
  • What do you think are the selling points of my property?
  • What are the negative points about my property?

There are lots of questions you should ask your agent and we’ve collected all the important ones in our guides, which you can find below.

How To Change Real Estate Agents

Even with all the research in the world, you might still not pick an agent that works for you. If your personalities or ideas don’t match up or you find that they’re not doing their job properly, you’re going to want to change agents.

Your ability to change agents during the selling process is going to be affected by the type of agent agreement you made at the beginning. For more information about agent agreements see here.

The most important thing to remember is that a good real estate agent is key to a good sale – so if things are going wrong, it’s best to try and end a partnership as early as possible.  We’ve put together in-depth guides on how to know if your relationship with your agent should be coming to an end and how to end things.

Best Agents By City

We’ve looked at the state of agents and the property market in each of Australia’s capital cities. Remember that one of the key factors in choosing an agent should be that they’re local to you – even if we’ve mentioned an agency in your city here, if they’re in a really different suburb, they’re probably not your best choice.

Best Agents In Sydney

There are around 9,000 agents working in Sydney spread over nearly 3,000 different agencies. Sydney is the biggest property market in Australia, which explains the enormous number of agents working there. There have been about 52,000 properties sold in the last 12 months in the city with a median price of $815,000. The median price for houses in Sydney is $925,000 while for apartments, it’s $700,000.

When you’re selling in or near Sydney, you’re spoilt for choice. If you need any help shortlisting agents, be sure to use our agent comparison tool to find top agents in your area.

Best Agents In Melbourne

There are around 9,000 agents working in Melbourne working through about 2,000 different agencies. There have been about 71,000 properties sold over the past year with a median price of $653,000. The median price for houses is sitting at $720,000 while for apartments, it’s $536,000.

When you’re selling in Melbourne, it might feel hard to narrow down your choices, so if you need help shortlisting agents, compare agents by heading to our comparison page.

Best Agents In Brisbane

There are over 6,000 agents working in Brisbane working in just under 2,000 different agencies. About 38,000 properties sold in the last 12 months in the city with a median price of $485,000.

The median price for houses in Brisbane is $525,000 while for apartments it lowers to about $382,000.

Best Agents In Adelaide

In Adelaide, there are around 2,000 real estate agents. Those agents work in around 600 different agencies spread throughout the city. There have been about 18,500 properties sold in the last 12 months in the city. The median price of all residential properties in Adelaide is around $440,000.

The median price for houses is sitting at $470,000 while for apartments, it’s $350,000.

Best Agents In Perth

There are around 4,500 perth agents, dispersed across the city in over 1,000 agencies. There have been about 23,000 properties sold in the last 12 months in the city, carrying a median price of roughly $470,000.

The median price for a Perth house is $485,000 while the average apartment is $415,000.

Best Agents In Canberra

650 agents work in Canberra for around 200 different agencies. There have been about 6,000 properties sold in the last 12 months in the city with a median price of $585,000.

The median price for houses is sitting at $683,000 while for apartments, it’s $415,000.

Best Agents In Hobart

There are over 400 agents working in Hobart spread across almost 100 different agencies. There have been about 4,340 properties sold in the last 12 months in the city with a median price of $426,850.

The median price for houses is sitting at $470,000 while for apartments, it’s $355,000.

Real Estate Agent Fees

When you’re looking for an agent, one of the first things you’re likely to ask about is fees. Selling a house is already a stressful process, it doesn’t have to be an excessively expensive one as well.

It’s important to remember though that in real estate, as in most things, you definitely get what you pay for – cheap doesn’t necessarily mean good value.

We’ve got a whole hub full of resources on agent fees and the costs of selling a house, which you can find over here.

Compare Top Selling Real Estate Agents

An agent should be the first person you recruit onto your property selling team and is one of the most important tools in making sure you get a good price for your property.

To cut the stress of finding an amazing agent, be sure to use our handy agent comparison tool.