About Us

We Work For You

As Australia’s most trusted source of agent information, we are committed to providing property sellers with the information they need to confidently choose a well-suited real estate agent.

We do the research and analysis for you to make the sale process as easy as possible. Best of all, we do this at no cost to you.

We Led The Way

As one of the first agent comparison services, we pride ourselves on our history of helping Australians.

Our founder, Thomas Roberts, began Which Real Estate Agent in 2012. Backed by eight years of corporate strategy & finance, statistical experience and the idea that “there must be a better way of choosing agents”, Thomas set out to remove the guesswork from finding great agents in your local area.

We remove the guesswork from finding top local agents

We Have The Answers

Our team of real estate experts analyse more than 8,000,000 property sales and 60,000 Australian real estate agents to provide a comprehensive list of top agents in your local area.

We have helped over 30,000 people just like you find a top-performing real estate agent to sell their property.

Quality Over Quantity

We only provide you with quality agents in your area, and that means we only recruit the best people.

As a boutique agency we don’t operate from a call centre, when you speak to us you’re speaking to your own personal consultant.

Don’t Take Our Word For It

As the highest-rated agent comparison service we believe our customer service and expertise are second to none, and so do our customers:

We’re There Every Step Of The Way

From finding you top agents all the way through to you successfully selling your property, our team will personally be there to support and provide whatever assistance we can.

We understand that every property is different, just like the people who own them, so we take the time to learn about your property and your situation so we can suggest suitable agents.

Every property is different, just like the people who own them

How Is It Free?

At Which Real Estate Agent you don’t pay for our service. Our service is free to you and is also no obligation - there is nothing to sign and you don't have to use any of the agents we put forward.

If one of the agents we suggest sells your property, they pay us an industry-standard referral fee (usually 20%). Agents only pay us if they sell the property and get paid their commission. This ensures we are motivated to find an agent that suits you.

Our comprehensive service to you will always remain free of charge.

If you have more questions, have a look at our frequently asked questions page.

Why It Matters

See who sells the most

We rank individual agents who have sold comparable properties in your area over the last 12 months so you can identify those well-suited to sell your property.

Know what to pay

We include average agent commission rates and advertising costs by area so you can negotiate confidently.

See who sells faster

We provide how long each agent takes to sell their properties, so you can be confident of a quick sale.

See who sells smarter

We compare agent advertised prices to the actual sale prices so you can see who actually delivers.

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