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How are you able to offer this completely free?

We benefit from a referral system that has been in place right across Australia for many years.  We are paid a referral fee from the agent’s commission, but only if you select them to sell your property, and only if they successfully sell it. We receive nothing if this doesn’t occur.  This is why we are solely focused on finding you a top local agent. There are no costs or charges to you.

We don’t pass you on to just any agent. We keep your details confidential until you are comfortable to speak with them, we provide you with insightful information on the performance of real estate agents operating in your local area and then let you decide, at your complete discretion, which real estate agent(s) you would like us to introduce.

What will I receive if I use your service?

In brief, our agent analysis is manually produced to the highest standards and is specifically tailored to you and your property. It is a recommendation of individual real estate agents (not just agencies) in your local area according to your selling requirements.

In addition to individual agent experience at selling comparable properties, our analysis considers how long these properties took to sell and if the agent had to price discount to secure the sale.

We also provide you with benchmark commission levels in your area to assist you determine whether you are being fairly charged, as well as a report from CoreLogic estimating your property’s value.

Why is agent selection so important?

There is a huge disparity in the quality of real estate agents operating across Australia, and regardless of what agency they belong to, it is the individual agent, their competency, motivation, skills, experience and support personnel that makes all the difference as to whether you achieve a strong result or end up selling under expectation.

We are experts at identifying quality real estate agents – it is all we do.

Read How to Choose A Real Estate Agent for further information on the topic.

Why haven’t I heard of such an offering before?

Which Real Estate Agent is able to provide this service because we are a licensed real estate agency that does not sell the property. This allows us to provide expert advice to our clients on real estate agents well-suited to selling their property.

Are there any hidden charges or extra costs I incur using your service?

No, we do not charge you anything. Our primary source of income is the referral fee (usually 20% of the commission) we receive from the selected real estate agent and this is only paid if your property sells.

What obligations are there on me if I engage you to review the real estate agents in my area?

There are absolutely no obligations at all. You are not obliged to use any of the agents Which Real Estate Agent suggests. There is no paperwork to sign and no binding contract with us.

What if I do not like any of the real estate agents you suggest?

You are not obliged to talk to any. We are happy to provide additional information where required and you are encouraged to supplement our research with your own. The great majority of our customers value our analysis and ask us to introduce 1 to 3 agents.