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Do I Need A Building and Pest Inspection If I’m Buying at Auction?
10 August 2016

Building and pest inspection on a building you’re buying at an auction is important. It is vital to have its detailed reports to help you make informed choices, saving yourself from future miscellaneous costs. Why do I need a building and pest inspection if buying at an auction? A building inspection basically reports on the [...]Read More

How Long Does It Take To Sell A Property?
10 August 2016

This is a question that is frequently asked by many Australian citizens, especially those who want to sell their houses. There is no precise duration for selling a house. It varies depending on some factors and prevailing circumstances. It is important to understand that there are a number of steps that you will be required [...]Read More

How Do I Get The Best Price For My Property?
10 August 2016

You probably have asked yourself the question -How Do I Get The Best Price for My Property?. We shall help you find the right answer. Every person wants to get the best price for his/her property. But the price should not be too high to discourage buyers. Similarly, it shouldn’t be too low. It should [...]Read More

How do I market my property for sale?
9 August 2016

How to market a property for sale isn’t as hard as it may sound. Here are the most convenient marketing tips to sell your house, in no time the deal will be as good as closed. How do I market a property locally?  When marketing a property, you need to have the mind of the [...]Read More

A Guide to Contract of Sales For Real Estate Purchases in Australia
8 August 2016

Buying a property is no small task and a contract of sale is at the centre of the entire process. However, once you break each step of the purchase down it becomes more manageable. When you have found a suitable property to purchase, understand the agent fees associated with the purchase and have your financing [...]Read More

How’s the Sydney property market?
2 August 2016

Against all the odds and predictions that the Australian property market was going to slow during 2106, Sydney’s housing market is once again chasing to overtake Melbourne to the top of the pile, and it’s looking pretty likely that will happen. In the month of June, it grew by 1.6% taking it to a mindblowing [...]Read More

Sell My House: The Ultimate How-to Guide
28 July 2016

Everyone wants the best price possible when selling their home. But not everyone knows how to make their property appealing to prospective buyers. The good news isRead More

Why a Conveyancer Will Make a Big Difference in the Sale of Your Property
21 July 2016

There is no denying the excitement that comes with buying your first, second or even your third home. But not long into the process, you will need to have someone to represent you on the legal side of things. And that is where a qualified conveyancer or solicitor comes into it. Buying and selling property [...]Read More

All For Sale by Owner Sites Reviewed, and What You Should Know Before You Sell
12 July 2016

Thinking of selling your home without an agent? Here’s what you need to know, including an overview of Australia’s top 12 for sale by owner websites.Read More

Australia's property valuation sites put to the test
8 July 2016

Discover which of Australia’s leading property valuation websites are the most accurate, and find out what your property is really worth. Read More

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