Calculate Real Estate Agent Fees & Commission [WA]

Below you will find our agent commission calculator for Western Australia. Enter a property sale price and you will receive an estimate of real estate agent commission.

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Estimated Agent Commission

Note that 2.44% is the average commission for a property in WA. The commission is calculated by multiplying the property value and commission together, then dividing by 100, i.e. Property Value * Agent Commission / 100 = Estimated Commission, excluding GST.

This calculation does not include GST. When receiving quotes from agents, ensure that you know whether their fees also include or exclude GST. Commission will vary and can be negotiated according to the range of services your agent can provide, plus the location, style, condition, size and other attributes of your property.

Keep in mind that real estate agent commission varies across the state, especially between metro and rural areas. This calculator should only be used to give a rough guide on how you may be charged for the sale of your property.

Real estate agent commission in Western Australia is not regulated. In fact, the Trade Practices Act is in effect in WA. This means that it would be a breach of the law for the Real Estate Institute of Western Australia (REIWA) to even give a recommend list of fees or charges to agents.

This gives you the power to agents to charge any fee they deem suitable, which makes it important for you to negotiate with their fees and to make sure you know what is and is not included in their fee.

Make sure to look carefully at agent commission quotes and their marketing plans/proposals before committing – the lowest selling cost doesn’t necessarily result in the highest sale price or best outcome for you.

In general, real estate agent commission percentages are usually towards the middle of Australia’s commission ranges. In rural areas, you can expect around a 2.5% to 3.5% commission rate, while in metropolitan areas it should be closer to 2% to 3%.

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This calculator should only be used as a general guide, as laws governing regulation can change and property markets can fluctuate, altering how commissions or fees may be charged.