Calculate Real Estate Agent Fees & Commission [TAS]

You will find our real estate agent commission calculator below. Just type in a predicted property value or sale price to find a rough commission estimate.

Keep in mind that real estate agent commission varies across the state, especially between metro and rural areas. This calculator should only be used to give a rough guide on how you may be charged for the sale of your property.


Estimated Agent Commission

For average agent fees by suburb, have a look at our Tasmanian suburb fees page.

Tasmanian real estate agent commission was previously regulated according to a recommended scale of fees. Tasmania passed the Property Agents and Land Transactions Act (2005), and the fee regulation legislation was abandoned.

This means agents are free to set their own commission rates, and sellers are free to negotiate with agents over what they are willing to pay.

On top of that, with a booming property market, Tasmania has generally lower commission percentages than in previous years. The rising property prices have also increased competition amongst real estate agents, and agent commission rates have broadly come down as a result.

Are you looking to sell your property? You will want to start talking to agents to compare fees and services. We can help you find top-performing, experienced real estate agents, just use our agent comparison tool.

This calculator should only be used as a general guide, as laws governing regulation can change and property markets can fluctuate, altering how commissions or fees may be charged.

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