List of Top Wombarra Real Estate Agents

There is a huge difference between good and bad agents.

The best agents don’t just sell loads of properties - they sell them faster and at higher values. We've collected data on all of the top agents in Wombarra below, so you can see what kind of difference an experienced agent makes.

In the past 12 months, Wombarra real estate agents have sold 38 properties. Most properties sold were houses.

We have prepared a shortlist of agents operating in Wombarra, but the agents on this list may not suit your style of property. Individual agent performance can vary significantly, even if the agents share the same agencies or office.

Which Real Estate Agent calculates a list of 3 top local agents from all agent sales data in the area, personalised to your property. Get started with our agent comparison tool.

Which Real Estate Agent's Best Wombarra Agents

Good agent selection means you increase your chances dramatically of a higher property price and an easy, quick sale. We can calculate a shortlist of top agents through our agent comparison tool.

To start selling, it's best to speak with a top-performing local real estate agent who has experience with properties like yours and can work well with you.

Properties Sold


(12 Months to Jun 2024)
Different Agents Used


(Jun 2024)
Different Agencies Used


(Jun 2024)

A suitable agent should be focused on selling property near yours (bonus for the same street!), experienced at selling property like yours, have a strong history of successful negotiations, and possess a personality that works well with potential buyers and yourself. Most agents have a particular focus, e.g. houses within a certain area, price bracket, and a ranking within their office. We do everything we can to identify these agents for you.

We've crunched the numbers on properties sold in Wombarra and have identified top agents that don’t just sell a lot of properties, but those that appear to sell for more and faster than their competitors.

Wombarra Agents That Sell For Higher Prices

Suburb Avg.
Top 3 Agents

Top agents achieved 1.1x higher prices than the suburb average.

Skilled real estate agents can increase the value of your Wombarra property through negotiation and driving competition among buyers. With strong negotiation skills and connections within the Wombarra real estate field, they often deliver more than other real estate agents can.

Wombarra Agents That Sell Faster

Suburb Avg.
108 Days
Top 3 Agents
76 Days

The top 3 agents in Wombarra sell 1.4x faster than the suburb average.

Find an agent that can create an advertising strategy specially crafted for your Wombarra property. Additionally, the agent with a strong list of potential buyers can prospect and negotiate a sale early in the campaign.

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What To Pay Your Wombarra Agent

The lowest fee should not be your top requirement in an agent. Rather, you should look for agents that can strongly back up their fee structure and commission rate.

An agent with a strong sales background in selling quickly and for a higher price will often cover their fee and more. Receive a shortlist of top agents in the local Wombarra area from our agent comparison tool to sell confidently.

Wombarra is one of the more affordable suburbs in Australia when it comes to real estate agent commission rates. Experience has shown us that real estate agent commission rates in Wombarra average around 2%.

The commission rate in Wombarra is on average lower than most other suburbs in Australia, which means you get to keep some more of your profit compared to sellers in other areas. Don’t forget that you can still negotiate a better rate with your agent, or how much goes into advertising.

Wombarra Average Commission Rate
National Average Commission Rate

Use the real estate agent fee calculator below to determine how much it may cost to sell your property in New South Wales. Amounts calculated include 10% GST, but exclude other costs an agent may charge such as advertising and marketing.


Estimated Agent Commission

The data on this website, including in the graphs and calculator, is approximate in nature and should not be relied upon.

Talking to a top local real estate agent is a good first step to determine what you may be required to pay to sell your property and to understand the local property market.

The graph and calculator use data collected by Which Real Estate Agent in 2019, and provides a state-wide average estimation of commission rate. The data presented should only be used as an indication of what you may be required to pay.

Be careful of extra fees that may be charged by a real estate agent. We recommend you properly review the agency agreement and cost schedules, so there are no surprises when you are presented with the final bill.

There is almost always room to negotiate commissions with agents. Do not be afraid to ask for an agent fee structure that favours your situation and ensures the agent does their job.

However, remember that an agent willing to drop their agent fees to rock-bottom are not likely to have your best interests at heart. Make sure you’re not just padding out someone else’s sales statistics - you should spend a little more to make more.

Need more information about agent fees or costs? Read our comprehensive guide to the fees charged by agents here.

Frequently Asked Questions


According to our data, you may want to consider selling your WOMBARRA property in 2024.

The average houses growth in WOMBARRA has risen to 6.0% over the past 10 years. The increase in property values has led to an appreciating market where selling your property is generally easier and buyers are generally more competitive.

Price growth for WOMBARRA houses over the last year has been below the ten year annual growth rate, coming in at 2.7% for houses (compared to the 10 year average, 6.0%).

To find out how to sell your house and to find the best agent, click here.


There are several variables that can affect property values in WOMBARRA. To accurately estimate the value of your WOMBARRA property, these variables need to be taken into account.

One example of a variable that affects your house price is proximity to local area amenities.

Proximity to WOMBARRA local amenities is something that rarely changes. If your property is within walking/driving distance to WOMBARRA amenities/shopping areas/schools/restaurants, your property value estimation tends to be higher.

Proximity to amenities should be taken into account when estimating property values, along with distance to city areas, property type, condition of the property and more.

Figure out the value of your home, and start your selling journey with some confidence. Get started by requesting a property appraisal from an agent today.


There’s a lot to think about when selling your WOMBARRA property, and a lot of it happens before signing up with an agent.

It’s a good idea to start with some independent research, before committing to selling your WOMBARRA property. Start by looking at property market statistics which will give you an idea of property values and price trends. Speak with a few agents to see what they think of your property, and how to best market and sell your home.

Making mistakes at this stage could cost you a lot of time and money. Hiring an experienced local real estate agent betters your chances of a hassle-free selling process that ends in a good result for you.

If you need more in-depth information on each step of the selling process, read our comprehensive guide on selling here.


To find the top agents in your area, look into the sales histories and statistics behind each agent in your area. The best indicator is experience selling similar properties in the local area. This equates to knowledge behind positioning the property to the target market and an active list of prospective buyers that ultimately assists in achieving the best price.

Interview multiple agents to get a feel for fees and quality, and ask for as much proof as possible that they can do the job well.

Get more guides on choosing or finding the best agents here. Get a free shortlist of real estate agents in WOMBARRA by using our real estate agent comparison tool. We look into agents who sell quickly for the highest prices to ensure you get the best result.


If an agent we suggest is successful in selling your home, they pay us an industry-standard referral fee. If the agent is unsuccessful, there is no fee payable.

This means it is in our best interest to find a top-performing real estate agent that can sell your property with minimum fuss.


No. In comparison to our competitors, we do NOT have a limited database of agents to work with. We do not have special agreements with any agents or agencies for property sales.

Which Real Estate Agent is unique in that we carefully analyse the local agents in the area and base our recommendations upon individual agent sales histories and customer reviews.

In addition, we receive the same referral fee regardless of which suggested agent is chosen by you. We only receive the fee if the property is sold.

Find the Best Real Estate Agent In Wombarra

Wombarra Suburb Overview

Wombarra , is a small beachside community now a far northern suburb of the city of Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia. Wombarra is understood to be an Aboriginal term meaning “Black Duck”.[2].

Wombarra occupies a thin wedge of land between the towering Illawarra escarpment and the Tasman Sea of the Pacific Ocean. It experiences a relatively high annual rainfall with warm humid summers and cooler drier winters. It lies approximately 60 kilometres south of Sydney and 20 kilometres north of Wollongong. The boundaries extend from near the Coledale Community Hospital in the south, to near Monash Avenue in the north.

After European settlement, Wombarra land was originally part of northern Illawarra grazing land grants in the early 19th century, and its forests were exploited like much of the region by cedar-getters.

In the mid to late 19th century a new community emerged in the general area known as South Clifton, serving new coal mines and associated cokeworks. The now closed South Clifton colliery was located in today’s Wombarra under the escarpment with small coke works on site and at Scarborough.

Wombarra has one main access road, Lawrence Hargrave Drive, named after the late 19th century aviation pioneer who performed many box kite tests at nearby Stanwell Park. The village comprises only six other streets – Denmark Street, Reef Avenue, Broadridge Street, Morrison Avenue, Monash Avenue and Haig Street. The area above the railway line is unofficially known as “Wombarra Heights” centered upon Morrison Avenue which provides a secondary road along the base of the Escarpment to Coledale and Austinmer.

Wombarra is served by electric rail services to Sydney and Wollongong, opened in 1916 on the South Coast Line. Scheduled bus serves operate along Lawrence Hargrave Drive connecting Wombarra with Wollongong City and suburbs.

Wombarra is fortunate to have two beaches. The larger and better known Scarborough Beach located mostly in Wombarra, accessible via Monash Avenue and Haig Street, is patrolled during summer months with volunteer surf lifesavers and a club house. The smaller Wombarra Beach is located to the south accessible via Reef Road, with the Wombarra Pool, rock platforms including “Wombarra Reef” accessible at low tide, change sheds and limited parking under its iconic Norfolk Pines. Both beaches are well known surfing destinations .

While a post office, two small general stores and a butcher previously existed over the years, these had all closed by the end of the twentieth century. Wombarra’s postcode is now “2515” grouped under Thirroul’s code, having previously had its own “2512”.

Wombarra does not have a school, although a kindergarten used to operate fro the Wombarra Community Hall. The nearest primary schools are Scarborough to the north and Coledale to the south. The nearest secondary school is at Bulli.

There is also the Wombarra Sculpture Garden, created by Gaye Porter and John Haymes, on 3ha of the Illawarra Escarpment sub tropical rainforest. Wombarra previously had an official caravan and camping ground next to Wombarra Beach which was closed by the council in the 1970s.

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