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Suburb Overview

Barrow Island is a 202 km 2 island located 50 kilometres northwest off the coast of Western Australia. The island is the second largest in Western Australia after Dirk Hartog Island.

Navigators had noted its existence since the early 17th century, and Nicholas Baudin sighted it in 1803, mistakenly believing it to be part of mainland Australia. Phillip Parker King named the island in 1816 after Sir John Barrow, a Secretary of the Admiralty and founder of the Royal Geographical Society.

The island contains no evidence of indigenous Australians. Until last century, the island remained uninhabited, mostly because of a lack of water.

Whalers were known to operate in the area from about 1800 onwards. The first recorded visit by whalers was in 1842 with continued visits occurring until 1864. The island was used as a slave trading centre for Aborigines during the 1870s by Captain William Cadell until he was arrested and removed from the colony in 1876. Slave labour was used in the nearby mainland pearling industry.

Guano was found on the island and mining began in 1883. It was mined for the remainder of the 1880s and sold to markets in Perth.

Barrow Island is noted for its flat spinifex grasslands spotted with termite mounds. No exotic animals have been established, but many rare and endangered species have flourished. Threats have included rats, cats, other predators, and the nearby energy production facility. Other species, such as perentie, Barrow Island euro, Spectacled Hare-wallaby, bettong, golden bandicoot, osprey, and the Barrow Island mouse are also present. Marine species include green turtle and dugong.

Limestone caves on Barrow Island support subterranean ecological communities. These include endemic and vulnerable species. Invertebrate species include Stygofauna, amphipod crustaceans, of Nedsia, Liagoceradocus and other genera. These mostly inhabit an anchialine system, a 'lens' of fresh water above the saline ground water, which they share with species such as Milyeringa veritas

During Cyclone Olivia in 1996, Barrow Island experienced the strongest wind gust in recorded history, at 408 kilometres per hour.

Barrow Island has been classified by BirdLife International as an Important Bird Area. Birds include the Barrow Island Black-and-white Fairy-wren, an endemic subspecies of the White-winged Fairy-wren which is regarded as vulnerable to extinction. The island also supports over 1% of the world populations of Grey-tailed Tattler, Red-necked Stint, Pied Oystercatcher and Fairy Tern, as well as an isolated population of the Spinifexbird.

The Western Shield project has sought to reduce the impact of introduced species to the region. Corporate and state government cooperation on programs has produced studies into the little-known subterranean fauna of the island.

Oil was discovered on the island in commercial quantities in 1964 by West Australian Petroleum Pty Ltd, and the first oil field was established shortly after. In 1995, there were 430 wells producing oil and natural gas across most of the southern half of the island. The site has been Australia 's leading producer of oil.

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