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Commentary on the Australian property market and important considerations for those selling, buying or owning real estate.
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Interest Rate Rises and the Australian Property Market [2023]

This month marks our 8th consecutive interest rate rise since May 2022 and we’re still counting. The Reserve Bank of…

Australian Property Market Forecast 2023 – Is It All Bad News? [Updated]

The state of the Australian property market is a topic of conversation that we’re hearing and talking about more and…

Sell Your Home [2023 Guide]

Last month we looked at the pros and cons of selling your home in a changing real estate market. And now you’ve made…

To Sell Now Or Wait Until 2023? [Spring 2022 Update]

Spring is generally the season of optimism for the property market with an influx of people preparing their houses for…

Guide to Auction Clearance Rates

Due to the lag (often more than 3 months) of Australian real estate price data market commentators frequently reference…

Australia Property Market Outlook 2021
Australia Property Market Forecast 2021

As we near the end of a tumultuous year, there’s one question on everyone’s lips: How will COVID affect the property…


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