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Commentary on the Australian property market and important considerations for those selling, buying or owning real estate.
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Fixed-Rate Cliff: Potential Risk to Australian Property Market in 2023

The Australian property market has seen a surge in fixed-term home lending due to record low interest rates during the…

School Catchment Zones and Demographics Driving Up Property Prices

Australian property market remains one of the most expensive in the world. One contributing factor is the highly…

Australian Property Market: Homebuyers Struggle as Listings Decrease and Rates Rise

As the Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) lifted interest rates by another 25 basis points to 3.35 per cent on Tuesday,…

The Australian Property Market 2023 Update: Brace Yourself for a Correction

As reported in The Australian and the AFR the Australia's property market is expected to experience a significant…

Who will be impacted by the latest interest rate rise?

The Australian Financial Review reports that the latest interest rate rise in Australia is affecting the country's…

Has the Australian Property Market Hit Rock Bottom?

Is it a case of a new year and a new direction - hopefully upwards - for Australian property prices, or will we see…


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