Adding Science to Selling

After eight months in development Which Real Estate Agent has launched a new service, which centres on providing property vendors with the information they need to identify the best suited real estate agents to sell their property.

Founder Thomas Roberts commented today on why he established Which Real Estate Agent.

“After many years conducting due diligence on large corporate transactions, I was shocked to see how little scrutiny individuals applied to the selection of their real estate agent, to sell what is often their most valuable asset.

Their decision was unfortunately often based on the information the agent provided during their sales pitch. That is rather than an impartial and objective analysis of their track record, local area experience, database of potential buyers and skills. All these factors can contribute significantly to the price realised.

Introducing a comprehensive due diligence process to agent selection, is something completely new to the industry and sorely lacking.

In today’s market conditions the need is particularly acute where there is an excess supply of properties on the market versus interested buyers.

For baby boomers seeking to downsize or for working professionals upgrading to a larger family home, the difference between a strong or average sale price can mean years of extra loan repayments and financial stress.”

Refer to the Which Real Estate Agent website for more information on the offering and our best real estate agent hub for further information on what you should consider before you choose your real estate agent.

Contact us either via our online form or call us on 1300 66 555 7 to learn more about how you can ensure you place your property in the best hands possible.