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The Recent Correction And What It Means For Australian Property
4 September 2015

As predicted in last month’s update, price growth in Sydney and Melbourne slowed considerably during August and property prices in the other cities continued to under perform – Canberra, Hobart and Perth all declined by 1 – 1.5%Read More

Map: The Salary You Need to Buy In Each Australian City
26 August 2015

If you’re looking for proof that Australia’s housing market is truly outrageous, this is it. We’ve crunched the numbers to determine the annual salary neededRead More

Foreign Investors Boosting Australian Property Market
15 October 2013

Read how the Australian property market is being impacted by the influx of foreign buyers, with one expert estimating that one in every six new property is purchased by a buyer from AsiaRead More

Australian Housing Bubble: The Lowdown
10 October 2013

Do a search on Australian Property and you would mostly likely come across the “Australian Housing Bubble”. But what really is a bubble?Read More

Australian Property Market Weekly Update – 9 October 2013
9 October 2013

The fever pitched discussion about the state of the Australian property market continued since our last update. Louis Christopher (SQM Research) predicts Sydney property prices to…Read More

Property Investors Watch Out
20 September 2013

With investors driving the current property market boom it is worth reflecting on the health of their future cash flow – renters. Unfortunately the news isn’t….Read More

Australian Property Market Weekly Update - 16 September 2013
16 September 2013

Weekly Market Snapshot The Australian property market remains firmly in boom territory growing at an annualised rate of 17.76% over the last 3 months…Read More

Quick Guide to Auction Clearance Rates
11 September 2013

Due to the limitations on the timeliness of Australian real estate prices market commentators frequently reference auction clearance rates for insight on the market. While auction clearance rates are generally a good indicator of price movements…Read More

Reflecting on Productivity – Crucial Property Price Driver
10 September 2013

Why is productivity important? As Nobel Laureate economist Paul Krugman observed productivity is more important than anything else in determining a nation’s well-being. This articles reviews Australia’s productivity, drivers and performance.Read More

Australian Property Prices and Data Explained
21 August 2013

The definitive guide to Australia’s real estate data, answering questions like which indices are the best, how are they calculated, where to find the dataRead More

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