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Which Real Estate Agent takes the guess work out of choosing a real estate agent. Since 2012, the free real estate agent comparison service has matched thousands of Australian property sellers with the right local real estate agents. The result? Higher sale prices, lower commissions and real estate agents that sellers actually enjoy working with.

Which Real Estate Agent compares the performance of individual real estate agents (we’ve analysed over 50,000 Australian real estate agents to date) and generates data-driven reports with valuable insights for home owners and property sellers. By examining data such as local agents’ experience selling comparable properties, average days on market and past client feedback, Which Real Estate Agent gives sellers the information they need to make smarter agent decisions.

Headquartered in Sydney, Which Real Estate Agent also has an office in Melbourne.

How it works

  • A prospective property seller requests a free real estate agent report from
  • Which Real Estate Agent analyses agents in the seller’s area and shortlists candidates based on an impartial and detailed assessment of their performance and sales records.
  • These findings are compiled into a customised report, which also includes information about average agent fees in the seller’s area, ensuring they don’t overpay.
  • The seller selects the real estate agent they would like to sell their property. Which Real Estate Agent receives an industry-standard fee only when the selected agent makes the sale.

Key facts and figures

  1. Which Real Estate Agent was founded by Thomas Roberts in 2012
  2. The company has assisted over 2500 clients, analysed 50,000 agents and reviewed 800,000 property transactions.
  3. Which Real Estate Agent’s free agent reports are available anywhere in Australia.
  4. Which Real Estate Agent has six employees, with its national headquarters in Paddington, Sydney.
  5. For regular property market news, subscribe to Which Real Estate Agent’s weekly property market update

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