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Everything you need to know about Sydney’s property market in 2016
9 February 2016

With the median Sydney house price about to exceed $1 million, prospective buyers want to know two things: What’s the Sydney property market outlook for 2016, and will the New Year bring better news for buyers? In this post, we’ll take a look at: How Sydney’s property market performed in 2015 – and what these [...]Read More

The Recent Correction And What It Means For Australian Property
4 September 2015

As predicted in last month’s update, price growth in Sydney and Melbourne slowed considerably during August and property prices in the other cities continued to under perform – Canberra, Hobart and Perth all declined by 1 – 1.5%Read More

Map: The Salary You Need to Buy In Each Australian City
26 August 2015

If you’re looking for proof that Australia’s housing market is truly outrageous, this is it. We’ve crunched the numbers to determine the annual salary neededRead More

Australian Housing Affordability Tracker Launched
25 November 2014

Which Real Estate Agent’s new housing affordability tracker reveals Sydney and Melbourne approaching concerning levels, and Sydney’s underlying housing affordability at worst level in decades.Read More

Is Brisbane Set To Take Off?
24 November 2014

Are Brisbane property prices going to increase? Market commentators seems to think so and AFG just reported record mortgage volumes in QLD. Mortgage sales boomed in QLD during October with AFG processing over 2,000 loans in one month for the first time ever. — AFG (@afgonline) November 23, 2014 Well, let’s step back a bit [...]Read More

Don't Buy At The Peak, Interest Rates Have Bottomed
24 June 2014

We suggest caution if you’re only arriving to the property party now. When interest rates have bottomed at 50 year lows and are forecast to increase, we suspect property prices are now close, if not at their peak. Here’s whyRead More

A Closer Look at Australia's Unemployment Levels - Now and Into 2014/15
25 April 2014

“unemployment is expected to drift gradually higher” as employment growth remains below population growth and it is “expected to remain on an upward trend for several quarters” before …Read More

Analysis of the RBA Feb 2014 Update on Australia's Property Market
5 March 2014

What follows is a summary of the RBA’s February 2014 analysis of the Australian property market and our view on what it all means through the lens of whether growth will continue or notRead More

The Tale of Two Cities
3 March 2014

Sydney and Melbourne continue their strong price growth with both cities up 14.5% and 10% respectively over the last year.Read More

Australian Property Market Outlook 2014 – Real Estate
13 February 2014

Is the Australian property market set to continue its impressive 2013 growth into 2014? We analyse the markets fundamentals and at the same time gaze into the future and it’s a little frightening.Read More

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