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Weston Creek Property Market Summary

Real Estate Agents Weston Creek

The best Weston Creek Real Estate Agents sell properties considerably better than the average Weston Creek agents, of which there are approximately 3. We detail who these Weston Creek agents are in our free report.

Importantly it is the performance of the individual real estate agent rather than the real estate agency used that matters. With over 3 agents operating in the Weston Creek-Stromlo – Ssd Bal council area servicing the Weston Creek market and 1 agencies, vendors should only use those Weston Creek agents who routinely deliver superior results for their clients. This is crucial to maximise their chances of securing the best possible price for their Weston Creek property.

While we can review agent performance right across the country, we suggest focusing on those individual real estate agents in Weston Creek or the 2611 postcode and immediate surrounds.

Request your free report for the individual performance details of real estate agents in Weston Creek and the properties they have sold over the last couple of years.

With Weston Creek houses only selling on average every years and units every years, securing the best Weston Creek real estate agent to manage this infrequent transaction is crucial.

At the end of the day choosing the best Weston Creek real estate agent to sell your property can make years of difference to your personal financial situation.

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Suburb Overview

Weston Creek is a residential district of Canberra, Australian Capital Territory, Australia, situated to the west of the Woden Valley district and approximately 13 km southwest of the Canberra city centre. The district was previously situated adjacent to the large Stromlo Forest pine plantation until the forest was destroyed by bushfires in 2001 and 2003.

Weston Creek was named after Captain George Edward Weston, a former officer of the East India Company who arrived in Australia in 1829 and was granted land in the Weston Creek area in 1831. The 'four-square mile' grant to George Weston at the 'Yarrow-Lumla plains' was completed on 31 October 1831. The land was originally settled by James Martin, a former soldier in the NSW Corps, who in August 1827 applied to the government for permission to rent 2,000 acres of land on which he had already built a dwelling and barn, was grazing cattle and sheep, and had sown 12 acres with wheat. Martin's claim, however, was not successful.

Along with the adjacent Woden Valley, the area later became part of the 40,000-acre Yarralumla Station owned by Frederick Campbell until it was resumed in 1913 as part of a land acquisition scheme after the Federal Capital Territory was declared in 1911. In 1920, over 9,000 acres were then subdivided for soldier settlement leases.

The earliest homesteads in the valley were Weston, Cooleman, The Rivers, Blundell's Homestead, and Taylor's Hill. The homesteads of Illoura and Avondale were also built in the 1920s.

John and Ellen Fox were amongst the first settlers in the Weston valley, living at the Weston homestead from about the 1860s. Several of their nine children were born at Weston, and their son David Fox and his wife Margaret later took over the property. A 1914 map of Canberra shows D. Fox residing at the property, located between what is now Dixon Drive and Hellyer Street, Holder. Later electoral rolls show Margaret continuing to reside at the property following David's death at age 49 in 1926. The Avondale homestead was further to the east, closer to the centre of current day Holder. David's brother, Owen Fox, is shown on the 1914 map as residing at Taylor's Hill.

The Weston and Taylor's Hill leases were purchased by a Mr Dent in October 1932, and used for mixed farming and grazing. The Weston lease was then purchased in 1937 by Rudolph and Eileen De Salis. Rudolph was born at Cuppacumalong homestead near Tharwa, and had lived at 'Bondo' near Cooma and 'Yarrawa' near Adaminaby before moving to Weston. Rudolph remained at Weston until he died in February 1957, aged 70. Members of the De Salis family continued to live at Weston up until the late-1960s. Cooleman was farmed by Heather and Philip Champion from about 1932.

In 1914, the two main road running into the Weston Creek district were Uriarra Road from the northeast and Long Gully Road from the southeast. Uriarra Road followed the current day Cotter Road from Weston Creek past the Yarralumla Woolshed and then across through present day Kingston to Queanbeyan, passing just south of where Parliament House now sits. Cotter River Road branched off of Uriarra Road near the present day RSPCA site. Long Gully Road came into the valley through present day Waramanga and ran to the west to what is now the corner of Streeton Dr and Darwinia Tce, between Stirling and Rivett. The route of the original road is still easily discernible on present day maps, as it followed what is now green space between Nagara St and Nemarang Cres in Waramanga, then across the playing fields to Namatjira Dr, and then along the green space over Fremantle Dr to the corner of Streeton Dr and Darwinia Tce. The road then connected with Uriarra Road to the north, passing through present day Rivett to the corner of Dixon Dr and Hindmarsh Dr, Holder, and then directly through the suburb of Holder, connecting with Uriarra Rd north of present day Dixon Drive. A bitumen stretch of the original road is still clearly visible opposite 134 Dixon Drive.

Early landmarks in the district were Narrabundah Hill, Dawson Hill, Mount Stromlo to the north west, and Taylor's Hill to the southeast. Western Creek followed the course of the present day stormwater drain just to the east of Weston Creek Centre, then along present day Streeton Drive and into the Molonglo River.

Weston Creek was the site of Canberra's main sewerage treatment plant from the early days of Canberra's settlement up until the late-1970s. Located by the river down the hill from the present day RSPCA site, the plant was proposed as early as 1915. Following several studies, it was approved for construction by the Federal Capital Advisory Committee in January 1924, and commenced operating in 1927. Sewerage from the fledgling city of Canberra was pumped to the site through an underground pipe from the vicinity of the Canberra Hotel, through the Yarralumla area. In the late-1960s, odours from the plant became a problem in the expanding residential areas of Woden and Weston Creek, and also at nearby Government House. Several refinements were made to the plant, and the sludge drying beds were abandoned. The plant was closed in August 1978 and replaced by the new Lower Molonglo Water Quality Control Centre.

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