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Why Use Our Services?

We are unbiased, free and are experts at identifying quality real estate agents – it is all that we do.

Which Real Estate Agent was founded on the belief that a thorough and diligent approach to determining which real estate agent should sell your property will significantly increase your chances of a strong sale price.

We specialise in helping our clients find quality real estate agents using our skills and expertise at objective and considered analysis.

We are an unbiased, third party intermediary, solely focused on helping you ensure you place your property in the best possible hands.

With our depth of experience at witnessing how many real estate agents operate, feel free to contact us for some impartial advice, even if you have already selected your agent.

8 Reasons To Use Our Services.

Achieve the best possible price for your property
We will maximize your chances by finding the most experienced and high performing real estate agent for you
Remain completely anonymous
Only reveal your personal information to agents when you wish
We are completely unbiased
We receive the same referral fee from all agents
We review ALL agents
We are not restricted to a set database of agents or limited by pre-agreements. We happily research all agents, including those you specify
We are fully aligned with you
We only get paid if your property sells
You can negotiate
(or we can on your behalf) the agent’s commission as per normal
Absolutely obligation free
You have complete discretion over the agent you select and you don’t even have to use an agent we recommend
Completely free service!

Seeing too many people make poor agent selections, to only discover too late, was the principle reason Which Real Estate Agent was formed.

We spend 100% of our time identifying quality agents for our clients, so they can achieve the best price for their property.

Contact us either via our online form or call us on 1300 66 555 7 to learn more about our service and how you can ensure you place your property in the best hands possible.

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